Automated tool to make periodic backups of PostgreSQL databases

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AutoPostgreSQLBackup is a shell script (usually executed from a cron job) designed to provide a fully automated tool to make periodic backups of PostgreSQL databases.

AutoPostgreSQLBackup extract databases into flat files in a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

It supports:

  • Email notification
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Rotation
  • Databases exclusion
  • Pre and Post scripts
  • Local configuration


On Debian derived operating systems:

Install it : apt install autopostgresqlbackup

If the default options are not suitable for you, change them: $EDITOR /etc/default/autopostgresqlbackup

That's it!


  • 2005: AutoPostgreSQLBackup was written by AutoPostgreSQLBackup (with some contributions of Friedrich Lobenstock)
  • 2011: AutoPostgreSQLBackup was included in Debian
  • Since 2011: Various patches (fixes and new features) were added in the Debian package
  • 2019: Creation of a fork/standelone project on Github (


  • Aaron Axelsen (Original author)
  • Friedrich Lobenstock (Contributions)
  • Emmanuel Bouthenot (Current maintainer)